DAY 1: (Tehran to Hamedan)
After arrival to IKA early morning on 14 April will Drive to Hamedan ,we have early check in to hotel.we vist the tomb of Esther and Mordechai ,andvisit tomb of Avicenna who was the Persian physician,then visit Hegmataneh archeological site dates back to 6th century BC.our next site to visit is the tomb of Baba Taher that is a wandering Darvi he is respected as one of the greatest poet in iranian literature . over night Hamedan

DAY 2: Kabudar Ahang village
drive 100 km north of hamedan to visit Ali Sadr cave ,it’s the world largest water cave , by pedal boats you can visit inside the cave . Kabudar Ahang village

Day 3: (Hamedan-kermanshah)
We will drive 200 km west ward to kermashah from Hamedan.kermanshah has a moderate and mountainous climate .in an old town called kangavar we will visit the Anahita temple –the mother goddess of abundance and guardian of water in ancient Persia. we continue the old caravan route to Bistoon which dates back to the Middle Paleolithic. The Achaemenian inscriptions offer 1,200 lines about the battles of Darius the Great who fought against the governors trying to dismantle the Empire originally founded by Cyrus. This was the site where the decisive battle took place, leaving the famous Tablets of Darius. Nearby in the village of Sahneh we can visit the tomb of Ostad Khalil Alinejad the best player of Tanboor in the world. over night kermanshah


4day: (kermanshah)
In Kermanshah we will visit the Sassanian rock carvings of Tagh-e-Bostan. These bas-reliefs, cut from the stone cliff, depict royal scenes of battles and hunts reflecting the glorious history of the Sassanid Kings.
We will visit Abidar park and nilufar mordab . over night Kermanshah

5 day : (Kermanshah-Sanandaj-Oranamat)
We will drive to sanandaj ,it is the capital of Kurdistan province. The economy of Sanandaj is based upon the production of carpets, processing hides and skins, milling rice, refining sugar, woodworking, cotton weaving, metalware and cutlery.
In Sanandaj you may visit old bazaars and the Hajar Khatoon Mosque which is architecturally a unique and ancient Muslim mosque . Hajar Khatoon Mosque was built more than hundred years ago by Haj Sheikh Shokrollah.
Afterwards we drive to Oranamat Takht village. The Oramanat Takht village is one of the attractive rural areas of Kurdestan which besides its panoramic views has valuable tourism capacities because of the annual performance of an ancient and wonderful ceremony of Peer Shahriar. The Sirvan River flows in the deep valleys of this region and enters Iraq. Here the lands are covered with walnut, pomegranate, fig and mulberry trees.
The tombs of Peer Shahriar Urami, writer of the book Acquaintance of Peer Shahriar are pilgrimage site Peer Shahriar was a Zoroastrian celestial before the advent of Islam. The inhabitants of the Oramanat Takht are Sunni moslems from the Shafei sect. we also possibly visit the Oihang and Abdollahi mosques and the tomb of ‘Loskeh Hijij’ which is highly respected by the people of this region and other people of Kurdestan. overnight Oranamat Takht village.

6 day: (Oranamat-Takab-kandovan)
We’ll drive 300 km to Takab. The famous historical complex Takht-e-Soleiman is situated to the north- east of the city. Takht-e-Soleiman was one of Takab’s oldest Zoroastrian fire temples during the Sassanid Dynasty.then we will drive to kandovan .overnight Kandovan

7 day : (kandovan-Tabriz)
we will drive to Tabriz and visit Azerbaijan museum and after visiting it constitutiona revolution museum. Then drive to visit Shahriar tomb, Kabood mosque, Scales museum and historic house, Tabriz Bazaar and Elgoli mansion and park. Overnight Tabriz


8 day : (Tabriz)
Drive to visit Saint Mary Church of Tabriz and drive (about 2 hours) to visit urmia lake which is an endorheic salt lake in Iran. The lake is between the provinces of East Azerbaijan and West Azerbaijan in Iran, and west of the southern portion of the Caspian Sea. overnight Tabriz

9 day : (Tabriz-sarein)
we will drive to Sarein , we can visit nomadic life in Sarain villages in Sardabeh,Alvars , Chamomile plain at vileh Daregh village . Overnight Sarein

10 day : ( Sarein-Astara-Anzali)
We will drive to Rasht and en rout visit Astara valley( Heyran) visit jungle and will go to sea side , drive to Anzali . Overnight Anzali

11 day: Rasht
We will have full day visit at horse stud , if have time we can visit Gilan Rural Heritage Museum , municipality square. overnight Rasht

12 day: (Rasht-Qazvin)
We will drive to Qazvin en rout we can visit Soltaniyeh – UNESCO World Heritage Centre and after arrival Walk in the once-capital city of Qazvin and visit the safavid Chehelsotoon and ALi Qapo palace. Then visit its Jame mosque , drive to village (about 2 hours),tour with Tahereh will finished .overnight Alamut village

13 day: (Alamut )
We will have a full day excursion at Assassins Castle a mountain fortress located in Alamut region (it takes about 10 min from village to castle).overnight Alamut village

14 day: (Alamut -IKA)
Free time at village ,after lunch or at the evening drive to IKA for departure flight .


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