Analysis of traveling to Iran

Analysis of traveling to Iran

Beyond all the dark sightings and criticized reviews that many people have about Iran, there are people that visited Iran, experienced everything thoroughly themselves and as a result their misconceptions were resolved. Majority of visitors shared common opinions about Iran and its people, “Iran contains some of the most attractive and bizarre natures and landscapes”, “and Iranians are warm-hearted and extremely welcoming people.”

  • “Many people think that Iran is unsafe for foreigners to visit and as a result they end up being scared to visit Iran. “But if there’s one thing that defines Iran, it’s change. It’s not a scary place. The treasures of ancient Persia still stand and have not been bulldozed in the way we have seen with other extreme ideological societies. The people are not extreme and outsiders are welcomed, albeit some nationalities with more restriction.”[1]


  • “In 2016, as an indication of confidence in the renewed harmony between the West and Iran, three of Europe’s most prestigious airlines returned to the Middle Eastern country’s capital Tehran. The resumption of direct flights by British Airways, Air France and KLM, from London, Paris and Amsterdam, followed the lifting of a number of sanctions against Iran in the wake of a groundbreaking nuclear deal spearheaded by Barack Obama. In 2003, Iran welcomed some 300,000 international visitors. This figure rose exponentially as interest in one of the world’s most enigmatic and beguiling countries grew. By the fiscal year 2014-15, more than 5 million travellers visited Iran. As relations with the West improved from 2015 to today, the number grew further to 6 million in the year ending March 2017.”[2]


On the other side there are a lot of people that travel to Iran to experience the special and exotic remnants of ancient Persia, yet unaware of the restrictions and limitations of Islamic republic. Many of these people do not know how to go to Iran, travel safely, and do not know much about traveling tips and guides towards Iran in which every tourist should know when traveling to this country.

  • “However traveling to Iran doesn’t have to be difficult at all – tourism is growing as relations develop; hatred of the western world is not as rife as the media likes you to think and tourists are not subjected to as heavily enforced rules as the locals.”[3] As a result traveling there is not unsafe or unusual.

All these facts leads us to the point that unlike what many people think or a lot of media show, Iran is a safe country to visit, including exceedingly friendly people with hospitality, fabulous ancient places, preserved old significant arts, and its extraordinary and peculiar landscapes and natures; altogether making it a marvelous art on a canvas. By considering all these information as well as a prior research about the tips and guides tourists can easily avoid stresses and limitations and can have a really nice and new experience in Iran. This is why we provide tourist tips, facts and information about Iran and traveling to it.