An oasis city within the central deserts of Iran, full of history
and rooted culture; a city that is not very well known by tourists
who travel to Iran yet it is one of the most enchanting
destinations of this country! Kashan is the name of this city, a
hidden gemstone in the world of tourism, a city that is in the
Isfahan province of Iran and it is divided in two sections; a
mountainous and a desert section. To the east side it is adjacent
to the central desert of Iran and to the west side it neighbors
some of the summits of notable mountains of this country.
Although it is ignored by many tourists, this city has one of the
oldest urbanizations in the country and the marks of its history
are exhibited through the historic landmarks that have remained
throughout history. The civilization of this region is one of the
earliest civilizations in the world that belongs to the pre-historic
ages that is proved by the discoveries in Sialk Hills near this
city, which dates back to 7,000 years ago. You can discover
about the history of this opulent city by visiting its beautiful
landmarks and natural sceneries such as the ancient “Tepe
” Sialk Hills, the city’s magnificent Fin Garden, the Agha
Bozorg Mosque
with its architectural masterpiece, the city’s
impressive traditional houses like the Borujerdi House as well
as its peaceful Maranjab Desert.

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The traces of settlements that dates back to the 6th millennium
BCE makes the mysterious Tepe Sialk one of the most ancient
places in this city. Tepe Sialk is one of the most impressive
historical landmarks near Kashan city that contains the Sialk
ziggurat, which was built sometime in 4th millennium BCE; a
place where you can touch the history of this region! Tepe Sialk
sits between Kashan and the great Fin Garden, a significant
example of historical Persian gardens.

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One of the wonders about Persian gardens is that they were
mainly placed in middle of deserts and Fin Garden is not an
exception. This awe inspiring garden is a true example of a
blend of history and culture along with nature and architectural
masterwork! It is known that the history of this garden goes
back to the period of the Safavid Dynasty sometime in the 16th
century, however it is said that the origins of this garden may be
from a time before this period.
Another remarkable landmark in the city of Kashan is the Agha
Bozorg Mosque
, a terrific example of Persian architecture. This
elegant mosque, which is located in the heart of the city, has an
astonishing structure that pleases the people who visit it,
especially with its 2 level courtyard. Agha Bozorg Mosque is a
historical mosque in the city of Kashan that its construction
belongs to the late 18th century.

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The city of Kashan is home to many dazzling traditional houses
such as the Borujerdi House, one of the beautiful architectural
attractions of Iran. Borujerdi House is a historic house museum
with astounding structure designed by the famous Persian
architect of the 19th century called Ustad Ali Maryam, who has
also designed the Tabatabaei House, another popular traditional
house in this city; the structure of this house consists of a
courtyard with a fountain pool (a famous structure in many
historical Persian houses), also the main hall contains a type of
central dome called “khishkhan”, its structure also encompasses
three wind-catchers, a structural element of Persian architecture,
as well as other structural elements.
We reach to the Maranjab Desert, a breathtaking desert in the
heart of Iran, which is located 60 km northeast of this city. This
peculiar desert contains attractive tourist sites itself such as the
wandering salt lake and the Maranjab Caravanserai along with
its peaceful long sandy hills and sleepy dunes and some other
places that are worth visiting.

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Kashan may not be known to many travelers however it can be
great experience to visit this beautiful historical city while you
visit Iran. It should be mentioned that there are a number of
traditions in this city that among them one of the most
interesting ones is the tradition of extraction of rosewater from
Damask Rose in a traditional way; a tradition called “Golabgiri”.
This city has a lot to discover, make sure you won’t miss Kashan
the hidden gemstone of Iran!