Polyganic Salty Lake At Varzaneh Desert

Polyganic Salty Lake At Varzaneh Desert

From  September  29th  to  October  11th


Once Iran’s capital, between 1747 and 1779, Shiraz is now the fifth largest city in the country and has a million and a half inhabitants. Our day will begin with a visit to the magnificent Nasir-­ol-­Molk Mosque, famous for its seven-­ colored tiles and stained­glass windows that provide a unique spectacle of light and color. From there we continue to the Vakil Mosque, the Hammam­e Vakil (ancient public baths) and have lunch at the Vakil Bazaar, which we will visit in the afternoon. Then we take a taxi to the Tomb of the Poet Hafez, whom the Iranians pay homage to in the evening.

Tour summary: Nasir-­ol-molk Mosque, Vakil Mosque, Hammame Vakil, Vakil Bazaar, Poet Hafez Tomb
Pocket Money: 40€ aprox. (25€ monuments + 10€ meals + 5€


We start the day with a visit to the Aramgah-e Shah Cheragh (mausoleum), a particularly interesting Shi’ite place of worship because it is completely covered with glass, which creates a somewhat mind­boggling environment. We continue on foot to Karim Khan Citadel and to the Pars Museum. After lunch, we head to Baghe Eram which, in addition to botanical garden, is one of the nine Persian gardens that make up the World Heritage / UNESCO list in Iran. We ended the visits at the tomb of the saint and poet Sa’di.

afternoon.   Then   we   take   a   taxi   to   the   Tomb   of   the   Poet   Hafez,  whom  the  Iranians  pay  homage  to  in  the  evening.

Tour   summary:    Nasir-­ol-molk    Mosque,    Vakil    Mosque, Hammame  Vakil,  Vakil  Bazaar,  Poet  Hafez  Tomb

Pocket    Money:    40€   aprox.    (25€   monuments   +   10€    meals   +   5€


DAY 3 – PERSEPOLIS -­> NAQSH-­E ROSTAM -­> PASARGADAE -­> YAZD Today will be a long day, but we will undoubtedly experience one of the highlights of the trip to ancient Persia. In a minivan, we will travel 60 km north to Persepolis, one of the capitals of the First Persian Empire, founded over 2500 years ago. After lunch, we will visit the tombs of four Persian emperors carved on a mountain slope in Naqsh­e Rostam, and finally we will explore Pasargadae where is the tomb of Cyrus the Great, founder of the First Persian Empire. At the end of the day, we continue to Yazd, a journey that will take about 3h30 minutes.

Tour summary: Persépolis, Naqsh-­e Rostam, Pasargadae

Pocket Money: 30€ aprox. (20€ monuments + 10€ meals)


Yazd, with its 5,000 years of history, is one of the oldest human settlements on the planet. Today, the city has about half a million inhabitants. We start the visits at the Sayyed Roknaddin Mausoleum and head for the Jameh Mosque which is just a few meters away. In the mosque’s enclosure, we descended to a qanat, one of the incredible underground aqueducts that run through Iran. We will walk to the square of the Amir Chaqmaq Complex, visit some commerce -­ notably the city’s best candy house, Haj Khalifeh Ali Rahbar -­ and finish the morning at the Water Museum. The afternoon is spent in the adobe labyrinth that constitutes the historic center of Yazd, which is a World
Heritage Site / UNESCO.

Tour summary: Sayyed Roknaddin Mausoleum, Mesquita Jameh, Amir Chaqmaq Complex, Water Museum
Pocket Money: 20€ aprox. (20€ monuments + 10€ meals)


We go by taxi to the Towers of Silence, the places where the Zoroastrians left the bodies of their dead so that they would decompose with the help of the elements of nature and vultures. From the top of the towers, there is a magnificent view of the city of Yazd and the surrounding mountains. Still by taxi, we proceed to the Temple of Fire, a place of worship for the followers of Zoroastrianism. Shortly after lunch, we visit the Baghe Dolat Abad, a beautiful Persian garden where stands the former residence of the regent Karim Khan Zand. In the building stands the largest Badgir (cooling tower) in Iran. We end the day at Zurkhaneh (the house of strength), where we attended a training session of an ancestral sport.
Tour summary: Towers of Silence, Fire Temple, Bagh­e Dolat Abad, Zurkhaneh
Pocket Money: 30€ aprox. (20€ monuments + 10€ meals + 5€ transports)


We leave early for Varzaneh, the smallest locality (about 11 thousand inhabitants) that we will visit on this trip through Iran. The minivan trip will take about 3 hours. We’ll have lunch in the village, which is erected in the middle of the desert, and we’ll spend the afternoon visiting a very special ox ­ who draws water
from a well only when the owner sings a certain melody the tower of pigeons, the salt lake and the desert dunes, from where we will see the sunset. We’ll have dinner and sleep in the desert.
Tour summary: Tower of Pigeons, ox and well, salt lake, desert dunes
Pocket Money: 15€ aprox. (5€ monuments + 10€ meals)



In the morning, we visit the ruins of the Gorthan Citadel, which has more than two thousand years of history. After lunch, we ride on a Mini Van to Isfahan on a journey that will take about 2 hours. After we leave our luggage at the hotel, we’ll stroll on the banks of the Zayandeh River, between the historic Si Seh Pol and Khaju bridges.

Tour summary: Gorthan Citadel, Si o Seh Pol bridge, Khaju bridge

Pocket Money: 15€ aprox. (10€ meals + 5€ transports)


Capital of ancient Persia more than once, Isfahan is a thriving city with almost

2 million inhabitants. Our first day of sightseeing is spent around one of the most fascinating places on the planet: Naqsh­e Jahan Square. We begin by visiting the wonderful and atypical Sheikh Loffollah Mosque and we continue to the Shah Mosque. After lunch, we visit Ali Kapu Palace and then headed to the
Grand Bazaar, one of the best in the country for shopping. We’ll have tea at the Azadegan Tea House and return to Naqsh­e Jahan Square to wander, observe and socialize with the Iranians, who flock to this place for picnics. We can join them for outdoor dining or look for a restaurant.

Tour summary: Naqsh­e Jahan Square, Sheik Loffollah Mosque, Sha Mosque, Ali Kapu Mosque, Grand Bazaar, Azadegan Tea House.
Pocket Money: 30€ aprox. (15€ monuments + 10€ meals + 5€ tranpsorts)


The day starts in the Armenian quarter of Jolfa where we visit the amazing

Vank Cathedral. Then we ride a taxi to the Jameh Mosque. The complex is 20,000 square meters and the mosque is Iran’s largest. We can walk across the bazaar on foot and return to the historic center for lunch. We’ll spend the rest of the afternoon visiting Chehelsotoon and Hasht Behesht Palaces and depart for Kashan at the end of the day, a mini van ride that will take about
2h30 (215km).

Tour summary: Vank Cathedral, Jameh Mosque, Chehelsotoon Palace, Hasht Behesht Palace
Pocket Money: 35€ aprox. (20€ monuments + 10€ meals + 5€ transports)


Early in the morning, we visit the Agha Bozorg Mosque known for its symmetrical architecture, then we head for the sumptuous Sultan Mir Ahmad Baths and visit the lush traditional houses -­ Kahn-­e Tabatabei and Khan-­e Abbasian -­ that hide very discreetly behind simple adobe walls. We will have lunch in the restaurant of the house Khan-­e Abbasian and in the afternoon we will take a taxi to visit the Fin Garden, exponent of the Persian gardens and World Heritage Site / UNESCO. On the way back to the center of Kashan we will go to the 800 year old city bazaar. Then we pass by the hotel to pick up our luggage and head for Tehran in a mini van. The trip will take about 2h45 (245 km).

Tour summary: Agha Bozorg Mosque, Sultan Mir Ahmad baths,
Tabatabaei and Abbasian traditional houses, Fin Garden, Bazaar
Pocket Money: 40€ aprox. (25€ monuments + 10€ meals + 5€ transports)


We  leave  the  hotel  and  take  the  metro  to  the  heart  of  Tehran:  the  area  of  the  grand   bazaar.   We’ll   quickly   realize   that   we   will   spend   the   next   few   days  surrounded  by  crowds  and  dodging  cars  and  motorbikes  in  the  chaotic  traffic.  The    visit    to    Golestan    Palace, however,    will    soften    this   first    impact.    We  continue to   the   Imam   Khomeini   Mosque   and   see   the   grand   bazaar   where  we’ll  have  lunch. In  the  afternoon  we’ll  visit  the  amazing National  Museum  of  Jewelry.   Still   dazzled  by   the   brilliance   of   thousands   of   precious   stones,   we  head  to  the  Iranian   Artist

Forum  and  finished  the  day  at  the  modern  Tabiat  Bridge.

Tour   summary:    Golestan    Palace,    Imam   Khomeini    Mosque,    Grand  Bazaar,   National   Museum    of   Jewwlry,   Iranian   Artists   Forum,   Tabiat  Bridge

Pocket    Money:    35€   aprox.    (20€    monuments   +   10€    meals   +   5€ transports)

DAY  12  –  TEHRAN

Again  by  metro,  we  go  to  the  elegant  and  very  photogenic  Azadi   Tower  and  from  there  we  continue  to  the  Milad   Tower.  From  the  top  we  can  admire  the  overwhelming   dimension   of   the   Iranian   capital.   We   continue   to   Darband,  where   we   have   lunch   and   in   the   afternoon   we   visit   Niavaran   Palace,   the  residence  of  the  last  Shah  of  Iran.  We  walk  through  the  neighborhoods  of  the  northern  zone,  the  most  exquisite  of  the  capital,  where  we  also  have  dinner.

Tour  summary:  Azadi  Tower,  Milad  Tower,  Darband,  Niavaran  Palace

Pocket    Money:   30€   aprox.    (15€    monuments   +    10€    meals   +   5€ transports)  


We start the day with a visit to the former US Embassy in Tehran to observe and, of course, photograph the anti-American murals. Before lunch, we’ll visit the Museum of Contemporary Art and / or the National Carpets Museum (which are relatively small). After lunch, we will go by metro to the Book Garden, a huge cultural complex opened in 2017 which, in addition to one of the largest bookstores in the world, includes a restaurant, cinemas, art galleries and shopping area. It will be the last visit in Iran and its vibrant capital.

Tour summary: Former US Embassy, Contemporary Art Museum

and/or National Carpet Museum, Book Garden

Pocket Money: 25€ aprox. (10€ monuments + 10€ meals + 5€

How much will I spend:

1110 Euros

1250 USD

Pocket Money: 385€ aprox.

The tour includes:

Transfers between airports and hotels on arrival and departure

13 nights in 3 star hotels (or similar), twin rooms with private bathroom,


Transport in minivan between cities, from Shiraz to Tehran

Official guide in Persepolis

Constant follow­up from the guide

The tour does not include

Iranian Visa

Travel insurance

International flights

Public transports in Iran (subway, taxi, etc.)
Monuments and museum tickets

Any other personal extras

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