en-U September 2018 – ASEMAN PASARGAD ARIA

Health tourism for Muslims


Day 01: Meet, visit Golestan palace, bazaar, Nature Bridge and transfer to hotel- O/N Tehran Day 02: Go to Mehrabad airport- fly to Mashhad and transfer to the hotel- O/N Mashhad Day 03: Go to Shrine & pray- in the afternoon going to Torghabe (hill, park and leisure time)- O/N Mashhad Day 04: Leisure time- O/N Mashhad Day 05: Go to Toos (Ferdosi shrine, Naderi park and Kaje Rabia- O/N Mashhad Day 06: Leisure time and in the afternoon go to the shopping center- O/N Mashhad Day 07: In the morning come back to Tehran- Going to Qom- O/N Qom…