Welcome to one of the two major destinations of Iran, the gorgeous city of Isfahan. Isfahan, once one of the largest cities of the world, is a city full of wonders; a living piece of art. Isfahan, the third largest city of Iran, is one of the most ancient cities of this country, with centuries of urbanization; Isfahan’s human habitation dates back to the Old Stone Age based on archeologists’ discoveries. This city had a great importance throughout the history of Iran during different periods. One of these significant periods is Isfahan’s golden age which was during Safavid Dynasty, when under Shah Abbas I the city became the capital of Persia and it was rebuilt into one of the most picturesque and largest cities of the world in the 17th century; many magnificent buildings and monuments for which Isfahan is known today belongs to this period. The fabulous city of Isfahan which is known as Nesf-e Jahan (Half of the World) is one of the hubs of culture and architecture in Iran. This famous highlight of Iran is popular for its significant Persian architecture, beautiful covered bridges, fantastically designed mosques, grand boulevards, and many other attractive places. Some of these remarkable places are the prodigious Naqshe Jahan Square, the magnificent sio se pol bridge, the glorious Jameh Mosque of Isfahan, and the charming Vank Cathedral.

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Naghshe Jahan Square, also called the Emam Square “Meidan Emam”, is more or less number one tourist spot of Isfahan, a historic square that was built in the late 16th century and one of the UNESCO’s World Heritage Sites. This magnificent square standing still at the heart of Isfahan city contains 4 impressive highlights of this city itself that each lies on one of the sides of this square; in other words it is the crown of Isfahan with 4 precious jewels on it! The architectural masterpieces surrounding the square belong to Safavid’s period. The northern side of the square is the Qeysarie Gate, a gate to one of the wonders of Isfahan, the Grand Bazaar of Isfahan. The picturesque Ali Qapu Palace is another wonder of this city thatsits on the western side of the Naqshe Jahan Square as well as the opulent Sheikh Lotfollah Mosque, which is another masterwork that sits on the eastern side of the square. Finally we reach to the southern part of the square that contains the brilliant Imam Mosque, or as it was called Shah Mosque. Naghshe Jahan Square is not only about the 4 masterpiece structures that surround it, it is also about the beautiful area of the square, a scenic place in which it contains fountains and plants as well as stores in it; you can also experience riding a droshky (a four-wheeled carriage) all around the square as if you are living in the 19th century! Naghshe Jahan Square that means the figure of the world, with all of its elegant structures is truly one of the most significant attractions of Isfahan.

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Another attractive site in Isfahan is the Sio Se Pol Bridge, the longest bridge of Isfahan city with its extraordinary scenic view, which passes over the dazzling Zayanderud River, and that its name (33 Bridges) derives from the number of its vaults in its first level.

The prominent Jameh Mosque of Isfahan is the congregational mosque of this city, which is the result of constructions and renovations from different historical periods; one of the oldest mosques in Iran that has left from the ancient times and another highlight of Isfahan city that is a UNESCO’s World Heritage Site.

An astounding cathedral in Isfahan is one of the surprises of this city, which is called the Holy Savior Cathedral, the Church of the Saintly Sisters or simply known as the Vank Cathedral. This cathedral, which was established in the early 17th century, was devoted to Armenian deportees that lived in this region at that time.

Isfahan is the gemstone of Iran remained from the distant past, one of the most important tourist destinations of this country with lots of attractive places that each one of them displays the beautiful history, culture and civilization of this region. Make sure you won’t miss Isfahan, a city with many wonders, a center of art and architecture, and a city that is known to be half of the world!

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