Islamic pilgrimage tour


1 day: Mashhad We will start our tour from Mashhad with praying at Imam Reza holly shrine then we will go to Bazaar. O/N Mashhad 2 day: Mashhad We will go to Torqabe recreational place This vicinity boasts of a pleasant climate, in the out skirts of Mashad, to the west of which stand the Binalood Mountains and to the north, the Takht-e-Rostam Mountains. Torqabeh has alternative attractions such as springs enveloped in greenery., Vakil Abad park, then kooh Sangi . O/N Mashhad 3 day: Mashhad We will go to shah mosque and peere palandus mosuleum ,chali dare  for boat…

Qazvin 1 day Tour


Qazvin is an amazing historical city which holds the most cultural and historical registered sites. The city served as a capital of the Safavid dynasty in the 16th century and is famous for its sophisticated cuisine and fabulous sweets including gorgeous baklava and a delicious cardamom-scented tea cake (noon-e chayi ghazvin). Trip Plan: In the early morning, we will start our trip from Tehran to Qazvin. Then, we will have breakfast in the middle of the way. At our arrival we start our visit to Places Like: Sepah Street (Iran’s first street), Saad-o saltaneh bazzar, Qazvin grand bazar, Sabze Meydan…