Neda Ghafari

Neda Ghafari

Neda Ghafari is consultant and experienced in providing services to those who want to plan their own trips, especially for more exotic destinations.

Planning with Neda as professional expertise and inside knowledge, benefits much. And of course, it takes much less time than searching for all the information you need on your own.

She will help you plan a personalized travel experience based on input you provide. If it’s wished, it could be arranged that you have someone to meet you at your destination and take you to your hotel.

She is especially helpful in finding non-traditional or out-of-the-way accommodations that do not advertise on the internet, such as villas, farmhouses, Old Persian houses, and eco-lodges.

She also manages transport and tickets (bus train flight), and air conditioned car rentals and Provides advices on destinations and packages to tourists.