Islamic pilgrimage tour

Islamic pilgrimage tour

1 day: Mashhad

We will start our tour from Mashhad with praying at Imam Reza holly shrine then we will go to Bazaar.

O/N Mashhad

2 day: Mashhad

We will go to Torqabe recreational place This vicinity boasts of a pleasant climate, in the out skirts of Mashad, to the west of which stand the Binalood Mountains and to the north, the Takht-e-Rostam Mountains. Torqabeh has alternative attractions such as springs enveloped in greenery., Vakil Abad park, then kooh Sangi . O/N Mashhad

3 day: Mashhad

We will go to shah mosque and peere palandus mosuleum ,chali dare  for boat riding . O/N Mashhad

4 day: shahrud

We will drive to khar turan national park .O/N shahrud

5 day: shahrud

We will visit  bayazid Bastam tomb , go to cloud forest . O/N shahrud

6 day : shahrud -Tehran

We will drive to Tehran , en-rout visit Tari khane mosque at Damghan. O/N Tehran

7 day:Tehran- Qom- Isfahan

We will visit Imam zadeh saleh and Tajrish bazaar Then drive to Masume holy shrine at Qom , drive to Isfahan. O/N Isfahan

8 day: Isfahan

We will visit Naghshe Jahan square, Imam Mosque, Ali Qapou and sheikh lotfollah mosque, Chehel Sotun palace. O/N Isfahan

9 day: Isfahan- Shiraz

We will visit sio se pole and Khaju bridge then drive to Shiraz. O/N Shiraz

10 day :shiraz

We will visit pink mosque and Eram garden and Karim khan cithadel and Shah Cheragh holy shrine and Hafez tomb.O/N shiraz

11 day: Shiraz-Persepolis

We will have a whole day excursion at Persepolis and Pasargadae. O/N Persepolis