Golestan Hyrcanian Forest Eco Tour


After your arrival we will meet you at IKA , have breakfast at Eivanake carvanserai,drive to Shahmirzad , rest at Khane Gol hotel(at shahmirzad) then go to Badab soort that takes 2hour driving  ,we will drive 7 km to Malkhast village near Badab soort . o/n Malkhast village


We will drive to Sari and enjoy seaside and park.o/n Asram hotel at Sari

3 day : 

We will drive to Naharkhoran park,kabudwall  waterfall.o/n Naharkhoran tourist hotel


We will drive to visit Alexander Wall,visit Gonbade kabus ,drive to kalaleh.o/n Amoqodrat eco lodge

5 day :

We will visit kalaleh , khalid nabi cemetry, rest at Gachisu bala village .o/n khaled nabi ecolodge

6 day : 

We will have free time at national park o/n Turkaman Kolbeh Eco lodge

7 day : 

We will have free time at national park.o/n Turkaman Kolbeh Eco lodge

8 day :

We will drive to kang village .o/n kang kohan ecolodge

9 day : 

We will drive to visit shandiz , chali dare dame For boat riding, go to Imam Reza holly shrine . o/n kang kohan ecolodge

10 day:

We will visit vakil Abad park,birds garden , drive to zaferaniyeh.o/n zaferaniyeh carvanserai


We will go to zaferaniyeh o/n Zaferaniyeh carvanserai

12day :

We will drive to visit Shahroud cloud Jungle .o/n Shahroud chah cham ecolodge

13 day :

After have a free time at kalpush plain,  o/n Shahroud chah cham ecolodge

14 day :

We will drive to Tehran ,We will  have dinner and , drive to IKA.


Price for each person: 1810 usd  in twin sharing room

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