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 Our Tour Experiences – ASEMAN PASARGAD ARIA

Our Tour Experiences

Our Tour Experiences

From the Great Wall of China to the Palaces of Pasargadae

More or less, one of the most polite and disciplined people of the world, coming from the most populous country on the Earth to visit The Land of Persia. It was an honor to have these energetic comrades here with us. They had nothing to do with exhaustion, since they followed the tour with passion. We went all the way from the grand “Tehran” to the city of fabulous architectures, “Isfahan”, to the capital of ancient Persia, “Shiraz”, and to the city of wind catchers, “Yazd”.


We noticed that what they mostly liked about Iran was its architectures and fine arts. The places that they mostly enjoyed were Naghshe Jahan Square that each of its 4 sides leads you to one of the wonders of Isfahan city, one side sheikh lotfollah Mosque, another side to Imam Mosque, one way to Sardare Gheysarie, and another side to Alighapoo grand palace. Another place was the land of ancient Persia, Persepolis and Takhte Jamshid, which you can see the glorious remnants of the First Persian Empire and the memorable Islamic Arts Museum of Tehran that represents the history of Islam entering Iran back from Safavid dynasty.


It was surprising for us that one of the tourists had brought a scarf that was crafted by her, inspired by the scheme of Imam Mosque! Altogether we hope they enjoyed everything and wish to see these fellows again to discover more places on this land.