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Let’s be Honest

This is Iran!

‘Safest country I’ve ever been to’ or ‘much safer than travelling in Europe’ are the most common tourist’s description about Iran. Violent crime against foreigners is extremely rare and, indeed, if you do your best to fit in with local customs, you are unlikely to be treated with anything but courtesy and friendliness – that applies to Americans, too.

Inform that political tension between Iran and many Western governments has nothing to do with their attitude to their people. Despite what the western mainstream reveals, Iran is the safest county in the Middle East based on thousand years of culture. Iranians are globally known for their hospitality and high common sense. Persian culture has nothing to do with Arab’s. These two nations shouldn’t be considered the same one.

Iranian are always curious to know what you think about them and how you feel about being In their country.

Iranians are the most caring people to any tourist from anywhere. They are regardless of origin, race of religion and you will feel there is nothing to worry about when traveling to Iran. As long as you are visiting their city, Iranians feel a sense of responsibility for your wellbeing, and it’s not uncommon for families to “adopt” you during your stay. It’s considered very rude if you refuse an Iranian invite over. You will be overwhelmed with the warmth, affection and the amount of food and drink that you will be showered with when invited to a Persian home.

They’ll give you the very best of what they have even if it means that they are left with nearly nothing. What’s even more heartwarming is that they don’t expect anything in return. And when it comes to paying, there’s always an argument as to who will foot the bill. If you’re a foreign tourist, good luck winning that battle.

In general Iran is much safer than many from the West might believe. Most people are genuinely friendly and interested to know about you and your country, so leave aside your preconceptions and come with an open mind. Iran is still a relatively low-crime country, Keep your stuff around you, and take the usual precautions against pickpockets in crowded bazaars and buses.