Damavand Mountain, Maranjab Desert Budget Tour

Damavand Mountain, Maranjab Desert Budget Tour

1 Day

You will be transferred to your hotel for rest and if Time permitted will visit the Nature bridge .overnight Tehran

2 Day

We will go to Damavand which is Just 45 miles north-east of Tehran, amid Alborz mountain ranges that divides the central Iranian plateau from the Caspian coast, mount Damavand, the highest mountain in Iran ,lifts its volcanic cone to a height of more than 5671 m., standing above this land like a presiding emblem. The summit and higher slopes of the mountain are snow-covered throughout the year. Overnight Damavand

3 Day

We will have free time tracking at the mountain. Overnight Damavand

4 Day

We will have free time tracking at the mountain. Overnight Damavand

5 Day

We will go to have cultural visit of Golestan palace that was built at the beginning of the 19th century as the residence of the Qajar sovereigns. The gardens are splendid, with flowerbeds, blue faience basins and marble-paved courtyards. for lunch we can go to bazaar that forming large vaulted chambers called Timcheh where merchants gather to sell specialized wares and have lunch at traditional restaurant. Overnight Tehran

6 Day

We will take bus to kashan vicinity of the central kevir,is noted for its glazed pottery,carpets,historical monuments and after arrival will visit traditional house such as Tabatabayi and  Boroujerdi  old residence and Agha Bozorg  mosque  . Overnight Kashan

7 Day

We will go to Fin garden and visit Timcheh and bazaar then Sultan Amir Ahmad Bathhouse, have lunch at Abbasi restaurant and buy souvenir such as Rose water and herbal teas, extracts. Overnight Kashan

8 Day

We will have free time to have  desert tour including Maranjab sand dunes and have camel riding and safari , visiting sun set at salt lake and take photoes .overnight Carvanserai

9 Day 

We will go to Abyaneh village that is remarkable for beautiful color scarfs of its women, the red earth and its inhabitant’s traditional costumes, ancient dialects that are unchanged. Overnight Abyaneh

10 Day

We will come back to IKA for departure flight.

Price: 620 Euro

Including services

2,3 star hotels for 9 night with breakfast

1 day Kashan Desert tour

2 day kashan tour

2 day Tehran tour

Public transport at Tehran

Bus ticket from Tehran to Kashan

Entrance fees

1 day Abyaneh tour

2 transfer from IKA to your hotel, from your hotel to IKA

Excluding services:

Transfer during tour



damavand mountain

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